Understanding the Foreclosure Process in Stockton

Sometimes it takes another set of eyes to see through the chaos and help you develop the best strategy when dealing with an impending Foreclosure. There are experienced professionals that can help you but sometimes its just knowing where to look. If you found this article, then you found me and I would suggest that … Continued

Foreclosure Help in Sacramento Avoid Foreclosure

A Pending Foreclosure in Sacramento, Stockton, Manteca, Lodi or Modesto, California is something that is catastrophic; financially and emotionally. Oftentimes, individuals facing the process of foreclosure or bankruptcy are confused, scared, and not well informed as to their options. Foreclosure help Sacramento is just a phone call away. Sure its difficult to make a call … Continued

Understanding the Foreclosure Process in Sacramento CA

Understanding the foreclosure process in Sacramento CA is the most important part of navigating your own home foreclosure.  It is the best way to avoid or even stop a Foreclosure dead in it tracks. Knowledge is power and arming yourself is important. Here is what you need to know about Foreclosure: What is foreclosure anyway? … Continued

Foreclosure Notice of Default Sacramento

If you’ve gotten a Foreclosure Notice of Default in Sacramento CA and want to know how to deal with it, keep reading. A foreclosure notice of default is the document that has to be filed by a lender in order to start the process of foreclosure. It doesn’t matter where you live in California, the … Continued

Can I sell my Stockton house in foreclosure?

Do you have a Stockton CA house that’s in foreclosure right now? Many people going through the CA foreclosure process want to get out from under that burdensome house and wonder if they can sell the house in foreclosure. The short answer: yes. The long answer: it’s a little more complicated, but usually you can … Continued

Short Sale Can Stop Foreclosure Stockton

Whether you’re a buyer, borrower or seller, a short sale can stop foreclosure – [Stockton] but each is a process and the Foreclosure process presents several challenges for homeowners wishing to avoid a foreclosure time bomb. Whatever you you have heard… in Foreclosure… TIME IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE! What Is A Foreclosure In Stockton … Continued

Stopping Foreclosure Stockton

As you know, foreclosures over the past 7 years have been at record levels.  Just like with anything, you need to do your homework. Not all Companies have the experience to navigate a foreclosure and create a plan that works for you. You need a Company that you can Trust and will walk you through … Continued