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A Pending Foreclosure in Sacramento, Stockton, Manteca, Lodi or Modesto, California is something that is catastrophic; financially and emotionally.

Oftentimes, individuals facing the process of foreclosure or bankruptcy are confused, scared, and not well informed as to their options. Foreclosure help Sacramento is just a phone call away. Sure its difficult to make a call and admit that there is a problem, but it is the first step in fixing the problem of foreclosure.

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We created our company to address this gap of knowledge in the larger public by providing the information and resources to mitigate the damage a foreclosure will have on one’s financial health, and to assist those facing the loss of their home get a new start – at no cost to the homeowner.

Many people are unsure where to turn once the bank begins the foreclosure process. Invariably, they will seek the help of a bankruptcy attorney, or throw in the towel altogether. The problem is that often people make poor decisions based on misinformation with resulting ramifications that can last for years.

We know our business; we know what we do well, and we believe that we are the best possible solution for people caught up in Foreclosure circumstances beyond their control.

In our own small way we are fighting for the American Dream by helping people find hope in a difficult time and by providing them passage to a better future.

Be wary of so-called experts out in the market place looking to turn your “American Dream” into some quick cash. The following are some foreclosure options that you may be presented with and that you will want to carefully consider before pursuing:

1) Don’t spend thousands of dollars to have an attorney file bankruptcy based on the assumption that it will make the foreclosure disappear.

Many debtors will spend a lot of money for an attorney to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy – which is really a payment plan – only to lose the house. In essence you are paying the attorney, instead of the lender. Before acting, know how much the process will cost and what your new increased monthly payment will be after you file. Also know that if you miss one payment, your Ch.13 will be dismissed and you will need to file Ch.7 – and pay more fees to an attorney. When your Ch.7 is finally discharged, you won’t owe a cent, but the bank will still want you to sell the house. If you don’t, your credit report will still show a foreclosure, and be ruined for years. (This is not legal advice.)

2) Don’t spend every last penny by agreeing to a forbearance plan (workout plan) that the lender told you to do.

Increasing your monthly payments isn’t going to solve your problem. A lender will increase your monthly payment and call it a forbearance plan, all the while knowing that more than 85% of borrower’s will not make the second payment. The lender just wants every last penny before they begin foreclosure proceedings. Make sure you know what your budget is and whether you can afford it before agreeing to forbearance. Also, make sure to have the lender fax you in writing what your payments will be.

3) Don’t sign a listing agreement with a real estate agent, unless that agent has experience and understands the foreclosure process.

Houses that are over-leveraged have a tough time being sold, especially in a flat housing market. This puts real estate agents in a bind because the market will not support the asking price, which also covers their commission. It puts you in a bind because listing agreements usually prevent the homeowner from finding other alternatives -like finding their own buyer- even if the real estate agent is not performing.

4) Don’t sign a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure with your lender.

The lender will ask you to do this and lead you to believe that it’s in your best interests. It’s not. Your public record will clearly read DEED IN LIEU, which translates to a voluntary foreclosure. Banks promote this method because it saves them money, but it does nothing to preserve your credit for the future.

Each problem property has its own unique advantages and disadvantages when it comes to discovering a solution. Some will only stall the foreclosure, forcing you to pay thousands of dollars for a house that you will ultimately lose. Other solutions may allow you to stay in the house, but cost you more money each month than you actually make in three.

Here’s a better solution and a way out. We provide Foreclosure Help in Sacramento and the surrounding area with a commitment to resolve and stop the foreclosure.

At Westbrook Stop Foreclosure we provide foreclosure help in Sacramento that is real and timely. It’s one that the banks pray more people would discover: it can stop the foreclosure, save you and the banks money, and allow you a fresh start in a new home. You’ll have to leave your problem property, but you’ll be able to move into a better situation on your own terms.

It’s not perfect. If what you are looking for is a quick expensive band-aid to fix things temporarily, then you need to call another company.

But if you would like to avoid the foreclosure from damaging your credit score for the next seven to ten years; if you would like to escape having to make payments that you can’t afford; if you want to avoid the humiliation of the public record and create a positive experience, then you are invited to call me.

Our ability to come in and attempt to stop the foreclosure may be the best way to solve your problem. We know how to negotiate with lenders: it’s what we do everyday. We understand their quirks and their protocols. Best of all, over the years we’ve developed good relationships with many of them.

And the cost to you . . .


At no point in time during the process will money be coming out of your pocket to pay us for our service.

When you decide to take control of the situation and give us a call, we will give you our 100 % NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE GUARANTEE.

When we provide Foreclosure Help in Sacramento, we will not charge you any money out of pocket: ever. We will take the financial risk to cover all up-front expenses in dealing with the lender, and lien holders (including the IRS), attorneys, real estate agents and any possible marketing or rehab costs.

We will put our money where our mouth is to make the sale of your house work. We profit when we sell the house in the end. If we lose any money we invest in helping you that will be OUR problem: you will be able to move on into a better situation.

But in order to begin, you need to make a commitment to yourself to be proactive, take control and confront your problem property. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to resolve.

We Buy Houses in Sacramento, CA and its surrounding areas in Galt, Lodi, Woodbridge, Acampo, Lockeford, Linden, Ripon, Manteca, Modesto, Ceres, Tracy and Sacramento CA. If you need to sell your house fast in CA, call us… we’d love to make you a fair no-obligation no-hassle offer. You’ve got nothing to lose, but we’d love to earn your business.

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